Our Team

Cathy Harper, President

"Born with a suitcase packed."  That's what my Mother used to say about me, and still does.  A Georgia native who fell in love with Colorado in the early 1990's and now calls it home.   I still love to travel.  And love coming back home to the San Juan Mountains.

A mostly retired corporate lawyer and never to retire entrepreneur, I love the creativity of diving into different projects and designing one-of-a-kind events.   My past lives include coordinating international public affairs for a global transportation and logistics company and owning and operating a cooking school.  I have lots of experience  planning and managing events, from childrens' birthday parties to building projects in India and Eastern Europe, and almost everything in between.

I believe we can and should use our individual talents to make the world a better place. I feel blessed to work with an extremely skilled and talented team at LOLA, and we're always ready to start planning your next adventure.



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